Impact Stories

Balancing Car Wheels


When Hassan Khalifeh started his wheel balancing service alongside with his car tires and rim shop in 2008, his goal was not only to improve his living conditions but also to become his own employer.

Now his business is flourishing and is providing a livelihood for himself as well as for his family and the families of his employees.

"Al Majmoua has been my stepping stone to success. It was their financing which helped me to become my own boss and to harvest my talents."

Hassan Khalifeh, Owner, Car tires and rim shop
Client of Al Majmoua: The Lebanese Association for Development

When he applied for his first loan at the Lebanese Association for development, Al Majmoua, Hassan was still employed at a garage. The loan helped him to launch his own business by financing the acquisition of the tools and materials he needed, such as tires and rims for on-selling.

With the help of this and subsequent loans, Hassan has been able to improve his productivity and the profitability of his business, raising his turnover from an average of USD 1,000 per day to USD 1,800. This has enabled him not only to renovate his house but also to expand his business even further and to hire two employees.

His plans for the future include the separation of his two activities by opening a second shop. While one shop will concentrate on selling tires and rims, the other one will focus on the wheel balancing business.

Due to the increasing variety of merchandise on offer, Hassan is convinced that his business will continue to grow in the years to come. He has used his latest loan of USD 7,000 not only to purchase additional merchandise, but also to buy a crane to help him lift his customers’ vehicles. This makes it easier for him to satisfy the demands of his growing number of clients.