Workshop on Financial Inclusion with the Central Bank of Jordan


To support the financial inclusion of SMEs in Jordan, from 30 April - 2 May the SANAD Technical Assistance Facility (TAF) organized and sponsored two workshops for SME clients and another for training trainers in capacity building.

The events, which trained selected SME staff and clients from Jordanian financial institutions, were held in cooperation with the Central Bank of Jordan in Amman and conducted by Shaheen Tejani and Nora Ajagjal. The workshops brought together 17 SME clients, and included 20 SME personnel from several Jordanian banks and microfinance institutions.

The majority of Jordanian youth and adults have not developed smart savings habits, are largely unprepared to make financial decisions, and require additional knowledge to navigate risks related to financial products and services. Large segments of the population also mistrust financial institutions and lack awareness about lenders and access to them and their services and benefits. In light of this situation, the central bank has launched a plan for national financial education. Promoting and deepening financial literacy and raising awareness on financial topics among all sectors of Jordanian society remain goals of the central bank, efforts the SANAD TAF is supporting.